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Former hotel became a restaurant now, "Au Clair de la Lune" is for over fifty years as a huge gastronomic old Montmartre. Located in the very romantic street Poulbot, the establishment was torn from the hellish rush of the tourist place, a more subdued atmosphere and marked by a certain refinement.

The wall decoration speaks for itself and time returns of the taster of Montmartre to the remembrance of yesteryear. You will recognize here and there, the Galette of Mouline, the Sacred Heart or Montmartre in the Vines.

Furniture to the theme of the restaurant. The colors are blue and deep colors of night and the moonlight secrets.

... The secret of our revenue is closely guarded. It is up to you to try to identify, among all these flavors, all the ingredients that make up ... or to return to carefree.

Try you too, adventure moonlight (au clair de la lune).




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